“As the Supreme Court considers a Mississippi abortion ban that, if ruled constitutional, will erode Roe v Wade, and accessing abortion care after 6 weeks gestation is now illegal in the second largest state in the country, anti-abortion rights advocates continue to follow a decades-old narrative: Arguing that access to reproductive health care is an abortion vs. motherhood debate.

But most people who have or seek abortion services have at least one child at home. They are parents who know what it is like to birth and raise a child. And many abortion care workers don’t just hold the title of “doctor,” “nurse,” “administrator” or “doula” — they’re also called “mom.”

In many instances, moms are helping other moms walk through the sea of anti-abortion protestors outside of clinics. Moms are holding moms’ hands through what can be a brief in-office procedure. Moms are walking parents through the process of an at-home medication abortion.”

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