“My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, my second in live birth, and my third in abortion. Life and death were no longer abstract concepts; they were part of me—something my body, heart, and mind delivered in harmonious tandem. The two abortions I had—one elective and one spontaneous (miscarriage)—undoubtedly made me a better mother. After giving birth to death twice, I became untethered. Letting go of a pregnancy was an act of love, and I was triumphant.

In the spring of 2019, I was eight weeks pregnant when I began bleeding at home. I figured it was early spotting until debilitating cramps set in. It was Saturday morning. My husband was at work 30 minutes away. I called to tell him I thought I was having a miscarriage and needed to go to the hospital. After we hung up, I began passing blood clots. I’d never seen a blood clot before, and I was terrified by what was happening.”

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