“The volume of requests for assistance we receive has doubled in the last year, including since the Texas ban. Recently, one of our volunteers got a call from an Illinois clinic about a Texas teenager who had traveled to three other clinics outside her state looking for an appointment. Her abortion procedure would cost close to $4,000, which she couldn’t afford on her own.

WRRAP secured the funding this person needed with help from other organizations. But we hear desperate stories like hers daily — especially since the recent increase in antiabortion legislation. Nineteen states have enacted 106 abortion restrictions, including 12 bans, this year alone.

People seeking reproductive care in those states face a mountain of stress. Each day they are denied abortion care, the cost goes up. Not everyone can afford to leave their state due to financial and other reasons. Low-income women have little or no financial resources, and often no support from the partner involved in the pregnancy. In so many cases, they recognize that they can’t afford to raise a child but are also unable to pay the full cost of abortion or emergency contraception.”

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