“After Shelley began taking an active role in redirecting patients, the man became physically aggressive with her, she says, frequently trying to block Shelley from talking to patients. Then, on September 25, as the two took up their usual posts in the driveway, the man directed his wife to stand in a specific spot and film his interaction with Shelley. ‘I knew something was going on. I started to get really scared,’ she recalls. Video that Shelley took on her own phone shows the man pushing a blank white poster board toward her. One of Shelley’s arms is outstretched, trying to keep him away. A car can be heard pulling in to the clinic’s driveway. Shelley shouts out, ‘Keep driving, keep driving!’ and suddenly, the man hits her with the poster board. The repeated thud of the poster board hitting Shelley can be heard in the video.”

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