“Her friend accompanied her to the appointment, supporting her as she waited for a nurse to pull her in and give her the pills that would end her unwanted pregnancy. And that’s when it happened — a moment of levity that left everyone laughing.

“My name got called to go to the back, and my friend, who is clearly a very masculine lesbian, stands up and goes, ‘Yes, it’s me — the father of her child! It was an accident! Shouldn’t have had oysters last night! Come on babe,’” Saenz tells Jezebel. “The whole room started giggling and smiling. I’ll never forget that, and I’m truly grateful to her.”

Abortion is often depicted as a heavy, fraught, devastating personal decision — usually by politicians and anti-abortion zealots. But the procedure can also be a source of joy and laughter; of conviviality and comfort; a way to feel solidarity, support, and human connection. One study found that the most common feeling after an abortion is relief, not sadness. Another study found that most abortion patients felt regret, sadness, and anger about their unwanted pregnancies, but felt happy about their abortions.”

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