• Learn about the new bill to keep abortion safe and legal!

  • Sign our petition to keep abortion safe and legal in NM.

  • In 2013, we defeated an abortion ban in Albuquerque. Now, we're fighting for the rights of women statewide.

  • We are New Mexicans from all walks of life, calling for respect for NM women and their reproductive healthcare decisions.

  • Anti-abortion groups are trying to interfere in your private medical decisions. Learn what's at stake in NM.

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Our mission

We are New Mexico women, families, and allied organizations determined to keep deeply personal decisions about abortion and reproductive healthcare where they belong—between a woman and her medical provider. We are mothers, fathers, aunties, abuelas, and young people, all united in respect for a woman's right to make private medical decisions about abortion without interference.

We are here to step up, speak out, and stand with New Mexico Women.