Respect NM Women condemns attack against Project Defending Life


November 23, 2016

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. --Respect New Mexico Women offers the following statement in response to the report of arson against Project Defending Life:

Respect New Mexico Women and the many groups affiliated with it condemn any acts of violence perpetrated in our community.

The report of arson against Project Defending Life is unwelcome news today. We are compelled to speak out against violence of any kind, even when directed at those who may share different values and beliefs.

Now more than ever our communities must provide strength and comfort. Respect New Mexico Women offers Project Defending life positive thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. ย 


Respect New Mexico Women is a movement of women, families, faith leaders, medical providers, and community-based organizations united in support of New Mexico women and their reproductive health decisions. We are determined to keep the personal decisions about abortion and reproductive health care where they belongโ€”between a woman and her medical provider.


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