Abortion Provider Appreciation





In 1993, Dr. David Gunn was shot three times in the back by an anti-abortion activist during a protest. He was the first doctor murdered for providing abortion. Since his death, at least eleven other people have been killed as the result of anti-abortion violence.

Every year on March 10 and throughout the month, we observe National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day to commemorate Dr. Gunn, recognize the continued violence against abortion providers, and honor the commitment of our brave abortion providers and clinic staff to providing safe and legal abortion services.

Now more than ever our courageous and compassionate providers and staff need our support. In 2015 alone, threats and violence toward abortion providers has increased exponentially, according to a recently released report from the National Abortion Federation that tracked anti-abortion threats and attacks on reproductive health clinics and providers.

In honor of National Abortion Provider Appreciation Month, we want to thank our compassionate and dedicated abortion providers and clinic staff for showing up to work every day despite intimidation and harassment and ensuring that women have access to reproductive healthcare and abortion.

Please join us in thanking them by signing this virtual thank you or sharing a photo with a message of support.